Rusty Quartz Cement Natural Panel

Rusty Quartz Cement Natural Panel

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Item No.:VNS-1308XCZ

Item Name:Rusty Quartz Cement Natural Panel




Material:Natural Slate

Color: Rusty

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1、It has warm color affinity, giving people a natural, primitive, mysterious, romantic feeling.

2、We sell this product for many years and we export to many countries ,now it has become very popular item on the stone market .

3、The surface is natural split ,so the surface still retains the unique natural stone texture and color after produce,cutting and bonding combination.And the color and texture can keep many years and haven’t any change. 

4、Each panel is composed of a number of individual natural stones that have been dressed by hand and adhered together with a cement back reinforced with a light metal or mesh.All panels and quoins are Z-shaped or S-shaped in order to hide the joints from view, therefore, creating an authentic stone wall appearance each time.


1、Culture stone is not suitable for large area use indoors. Generally speaking, the wall area is not suitable for more than 1/3 of the wall in the space. And the living room should not appear many cultural stone wall surface.

2、Cultural stone is installed outdoors, try not to choose sandstone stone, because this kind of stone is easy to seepage. Even if the surface has been waterproof treatment, it is easy to be exposed to the sun and rain caused by waterproof layer aging.

3、Indoor installation of cultural stone can choose near color or complementary color, but should not use cold and warm contrast to emphasize color. Cultural stone and other decorative materials, according to the need and application, do not one-sided pursuit of the trend and use, also do not go against the trend and abandoned.


The regular packing is 4pcs/box,48boxes/crate,20crates/container.we also can accord to your request to packing.


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