Cloudy Grey Cement Culture Stone

Cloudy Grey Cement Culture Stone

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Item No.:VNS-1308HGCZ

Item Name:Cloudy Grey Cement Culture Stone





Color:Cloudy Grey

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1、The natural stone wall cladding comes as individual pieces of stone and gives virtually endless possibilities to create random patterns and designs. Not only can they be used on internal walls, external walls and elevations, but also in landscaping applications such as garden walls, patios, paths and stairs.The most attractive feature is color lines to keep the original style and leatures. and deployment of change color, connotation and artistic show clear stone texture, comply with people advocate natural, return to natural culture idea.

2、Each panel is composed of a number of individual natural stones that have been dressed by hand and adhered together with a cement back reinforced with a light metal or fibreglass mesh.All panels and quoins are Z-shaped.It's durable, and not afraid of dirt, also it can be brushed infinitely,easy to install.

Application:It can be used in public buildings,villas,yards,gardens and kitchen back splash, fireplace, outdoor barbecue or planter wall and other constructions widely,lightning the buildings to be elegant and bringing people to a natural environment,and also a kind of modern-decorated and fashionable building material.

In this style, the panel conforms to cultural concept that people advocate nature rand return to nature. The concept has been widely used in architecture, specially in the villas and houses that play important role.


1、What’s the MOQ?

No MOQ,we are factory,you can order any quantity accord to your needs.

2、How many workers in your factory?

Our factory has 99 workers

3、When was your factory founded?

Our factory was founded in 1988, it has more than 30 years history.

4、What’s the delivery port?


5、What’s the delivery time?

Generally 15 days can finish one container.


The regular packing is 4pcs/box,48boxes/crate,20crates/container.we also can accord to your request to packing.


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